Best Of 2007

BEST DRESSED: Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin White

Nobody on the campaign trail in 2006 was more the sharp-dressed man than Kevin White, a Tampa City Council member looking to move up to a more powerful (and better-paying) seat on the County Commission. Then we all found out why he was so sartorially splendid: White spent $6,000 of his campaign contributions on expensive Italian suits. He also fudged details of the expenditure on a campaign report, fobbing it off as “consultant” payments made to his tailor. He further fudged the tailor’s name a bit, but who’s com-plaining about that? The Florida Elections Commission, that’s who. He reimbursed his campaign the $6,000 and was eventually fined more than $9,000 by the FEC for violating Florida’s election laws. For Commissioner White, we have a suggestion on how he can save $15,000 on suits during his next campaign: Shop at Syms, where an educated politician is their best customer.