Best Of 2007

BEST JOURNALISTS (PRINT): Craig Pittman and Matthew Waite, St. Petersburg Times

Each has his unique strengths: Pittman is an old-school investigative reporter with more than seven years on the Florida environmental beat, a great disposition and a wealth of sources. Waite is new-school, a multimedia computer guru able to turn satellite images, GPS units and databases into compelling stories. In 2005, their collaboration produced “Vanishing Wetlands,” which detailed the failure of the Army Corps of Engineers to protect the state’s wetlands, the crucial link between underground water resources and the rampant de-velopment above. It documented the loss of 84,000 acres of wetlands over a 14-year period — roughly the size of the city of St. Peters-burg. The two are working on turning the series (and the resulting two years of follow-ups) into a book for the University Press of Flor-ida.