Best Of 2008


Let’s get a few negatives out of the way: It was surface-of-the-sun hot during the July 19 Red Bull Flugtag event in downtown Tampa. And yes, organizers seemed a bit overwhelmed by the reported 100,000 who turned out to see teams launch questionably constructed aircraft into Tampa Bay. And it sure was frustrating when all but one of the “flying machines” didn’t take off, but rather lurched unsteadily before falling awkwardly into the Bay. If you caught one of the many replays of the event, you know that the whole thing looked great on TV, the frame filled by the downtown background and a flotilla of boats that would have made Jose Gaspar proud. In this moment, Tampa looked like a real city for all the world to see — one that turns out en masse for shenanigans produced by corporate viral-marketing weenies, no doubt, but a city nonetheless.