Best Of 2008

BEST NEW BILLBOARD: TIA’s Remote Waiting Lot’s Arrival and Departure Board

We understood when the grizzled aviation experts who run Tampa International Airport decided to end curbside waiting at the terminal. In a post-9/11 world, it seems like bad policy to pen hundreds of people and their vehicles under an airline terminal. Thus Cell Phone Waiting Lot (now with Wi-Fi!) was born. Tucked behind TIA’s fabulous post office, the parking lot plays hosts to those sad sacks pressed into duty for an airport pickup by world-traveling family and friends. This year, TIA added a huge arrival and departure sign resembling a giant scoreboard. Now, the on-time winners are separated from the long-delayed losers in glorious electro-light beauty, which makes waiting for Uncle Roger’s flight from O’Hare to finally touch down more visually stimulating than ever.