Best Of 2008

BEST WEEKLY PROTEST: Dunedin Peace Cornering

Carolyn Hammond demonstrates during the Dunedin Peace Cornering.

You can find them every Wednesday afternoon at the corner of Main Street and Edgewater Drive in downtown Dunedin: a handful of peace activists carrying signs urging an end to the Iraq War. The vibe of the Dunedin Peace Cornering is much like Dunedin itself: small, crunchy and a little quirky. The peaceniks have been here for two years, long enough to gain the admiration of local residents and the ire of a small group of counter-protesters, led by “Captain Underpants” (as the anti-war demonstrators call him), a former marine who dresses up in a Captain America costume and stands on a ladder holding an American flag in one hand and a sign (“I support the troops and the war”) in the other. Sometimes the two groups get into arguments, which is a scene worthy of Borat. Even if you don’t support the peaceful protest, come down to watch a true piece of street theater.