Best Of 2008


We could have used this award to pimp Creative Loafing’s stellar Beer Fest (coming up Oct. 18), but that would be fibbing. The Best Florida Beer Championship’s Brewer’s Ball trumps our admittedly fantastic event (OK, we’ll pimp it a little) with the biggest array of home-grown brews in existence. All of the gold-medal-winning commercial beers — a not-so-short list of the finest suds sold in Florida — are poured with abandon, along with live music and a big beer raffle. Better yet, Brewer’s Ball guests get to sample — and judge — keg after keg of Florida’s best homebrews, helping to decide the season’s finest keg beer and maybe influence the award for top beer club in the state. All for a measly $25. Needless to say, the event sells out. Early.