Best Of 2008

BEST BEER MENU: Peg’s Cantina

There are more extensive lists — like the one at the new Taps in downtown Tampa, among others — but quantity isn’t always the key to success. Peg’s beer list is targeted, striving more to engender a sense of place than to be a completist monster for aficionados. The one-pager, loaded with selections that range from good to great, easily hits the highlights of the brewing art from around the world, but never will customers feel that they have to wade through an alcoholic bible to pick just the right ale to go with that enchilada plate or pepperoni pizza. The menu’s a treat for educated, appreciative drinkers, but it can also create educated, appreciative drinkers out of casual beer consumers, without the fuss and indecision that comes from an overwhelming selection. A lot of Bay area restaurants could learn a thing or two about their wine lists by reading this loving celebration of hops and barley. 3038 Beach Blvd., Gulfport, 727-328-2720.