Best Of 2008

BEST MEAL FROM THE TOWN OF BEDROCK: Long Bone Cowboy Ribeye, Council Oak Steakhouse

OK, it might not tip over your H3, or even a low-rent Kia, but when the servers at the Hard Rock’s Council Oak Steakhouse bring out the cowboy ribeye, you might fear for your table. It’s not the mass of steak — 20 oz. is a lot of meat, but hardly noteworthy — it’s the bone, almost two feet of hefty cow skeleton jutting far past the edges of the plate, making that gigantic slab of meat look dainty by comparison. Marshal your confidence, because the weaker-willed might start comparing it to something other than just the steak. They’ll even brand your initials into the pearly expanse, if you like. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, 5223 Orient Road, Tampa, 866-502-7529.