Best Of 2008


Queen of Sheba

We’ve written about this humble Ethiopian joint in South Tampa several times this past year, and for good reason. Besides dishing up exceptional African home cooking served with grace and humor, owner Seble Gizaw also offers the Bay area a ray of hope, both for independent restaurants and for under-represented ethnic cuisine. If we can have an Ethiopian restaurant, how about a Singapore street-food cart, or a Hungarian halászlé joint? Maybe, just maybe, Queen of Sheba’s family-style meals of gorgeously spiced stewed meats and vegetables served on tart injera bread will be our alarm bell, waking us from our self-inflicted nightmare of ubiquitous chain dining. If not, at least we can stop by regularly for some of Gizaw’s tasty eats. 3636 Henderson Blvd., Tampa, 813-872-6000.