Best Of 2008


Chris Ireland (driving) with his partners in their Green Go.

Getting around Tampa without a car is tough. Even if you live in the urban corridor — say, a bungalow in Seminole Heights and a job downtown — your options are few. Biking in the heat is tough (and sweaty). Taxis are too expensive. And though you’ll make lots of homeless friends on the HART line, the bus routes are anything but direct. But since April there’s been another option for those within three miles of downtown: Green Go’s. Using a fleet of three electric motor carts, this local company transports commuters, office workers on lunch breaks and tourists hitting up Channelside to all points in downtown Tampa, Hyde Park, SoHo, Ybor City and the Heights neighborhoods. Here’s how it works: Call them at least an hour before you need to get to work, lunch or special event, and one of the owner/operators will pick you up. Best of all, it’s free — paid for by advertisements on the cart. 813-376-0595,