Best Of 2008

BEST SQUEEZEBOX EMPORIUM: Accordions and Keyboards

John Gaunt of Accordions and Keyboards.

Hear the one about the accordion player in New York City who left his car unlocked with his prized accordion inside? He came back and found six more accordions. Ba-dum-bump! John Gaunt, owner of Accordions and Keyboards, knows all the jokes — for a man who has spent the last 60 years infatuated with one of the world’s most maligned instruments, he still has a good sense of humor. He also has the largest selection of accordions in the South. With more than 100 different squeezeboxes lining the shelves — vintage models from the ‘30s to the ‘70s; Italian-made, Chinese-made, Mexican, Slovenian and electronic varieties; women’s and children’s sizes; squeezeboxes that cost a paycheck, others that cost $15,000 — Gaunt can find the perfect accordion for an aging enthusiast or an interested novice. And his jokes don’t cost you a thing. 1248 S. Highland Ave., Clearwater, 727-443-4113