Best Of 2008

BEST SCANDAL MANAGEMENT: Don Wallace and Barry Cohen

Admittedly, Don Wallace’s relatives were supreme dumbasses when they tried to extort $1.2 million from him by claiming that he’d impregnated his niece. But they picked the wrong guy (and the wrong lawyer) to fuck with. Rather than caving in to blackmail demands by his sister, her daughter and her husband, Wallace, the owner of LazyDays RV Supercenter in Sefner, and his attorney, Barry Cohen, orchestrated an exquisitely simple plan to expose the lowlifes with the help of the FDLE. Even better, Wallace and Cohen met the scandal head on by corralling the media and spilling the whole sordid tale. As a result, the high-profile rich guy with the mansion on Bayshore has maintained his clean image, and other than having white-trash scum as a kin, no harm done.