Best Of 2011

BEST PLUCKY COMMUNICATIONS TAKEOVER OF A CORPORATE OVERLORD: Bright House’s mass contract-buyout of Verizon customers

Over the past decade, Verizon lured customers with too-good-to-be-true deals that wound up unleashing a fresh hell of problems: prohibitive contracts, unsavory sales tactics and mystery fees. All the while, Bright House was lurking in the shadows and working out Rocky-style, beefing up its services and technology. They moved in for the kill late summer, their salesmen swarming neighborhoods with rock-solid sales pitches that came with offers to provide bundled services a good 20 percent or so cheaper than Verizon’s. In a flash of blue and yellow, the Bright House trucks invaded Tampa neighborhoods, making the switch everywhere. The scene was almost cinematic, like seeing the playground bully get his just desserts.