Best Of 2011

Runners-up: Warped Tour, Katy Perry, Antiwarpt

BEST ACTOR: Paul Potenza


The Odd Couple (staged last February at Jobsite) would hardly seem a vehicle for outstanding acting, but Paul Potenza brought the character of Felix Unger to a level of existential despair that was both hilarious and deeply authentic. This cleanliness-obsessed sad sack had been to the edge of the abyss and wasn’t the better for it. But we in the audience surely were. (And he just keeps turning in memorable performances; in Jobsite’s current production of The Guys, he is utterly convincing as a NYC fire captain trying to come to terms with the loss of his comrades in 9/11.)

Runners-up: Datz, Pinky’s Diner, Ceviche

Runners-up: Post Hyde Park, Lakes of Northdale, The Cove, Carrollwood Palms

Runners-up: Chihuly Collection, Tempus Projects, Mindy Solomon

Runners-up: Mainsail, Dunedin, Hyde Park

Runners-up: Greene’s Auto Tampa, Bob Lee’s, Bill’s Family Garage

Runners-up: St. Pete Bagel, House of Bagels, Clearwater Bagel

Runners-up: Publix, Pane Rustica, Cassis

Runners-up: Roy’s, Bar Louie, Dunedin Brewery

Runners-up: Smoke, Sonny’s, Alex’s