Best Of 2012

Best Little Idea With A Big Impact: Think Small to Think Big Microgrants, Hampton Arts Management

PRETTY YOUNG THINGS: T. Hampton Dohrman and Ann-Eliza Musoke Taylor of PYT.

Have a work of art, play, music you want to create and have a brand new way to present it? Hampton Arts Management offers small grants to help finance arts projects in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. The program leverages grant awards up to $500 to fuel Tampa Bay’s grassroots and developing arts community. The criteria? “Programs funded by the Arts Microgrant are ambitious, exciting, experimental, risk-taking, and relevant to contemporary trends in the National arts scene,” the website says.

Watch: They're everywhere, so of course they're here. T. Hampton Dohrman talks about his Best of the Bay-winning microgrants program and arts website, Articulate, edited by Mitzi Gordon. We forgot to ask him where his socks went. Interview w. CL's David Warner recorded during the BOTB awards reception Sept. 19 at Creative Loafing.