Best Of 2012

Best Rock Band: Florida Night Heat

Best Rock Band

Delivering sweat-soaked sets of Southern drone-stoner griminess and pounding spaghetti Western-tinged psych rock-tronics is Florida Night Heat. Bassist Andre Jones rages the low end, a usually bare-chested force who head-bangs or shifts in explosive bursts as beat-keeper Chris Wood crashes cymbals, wails on toms and kicks bass drum with a perfect Animal-Grrr face. Guitarist Jensen Kistler offers a calm and cool counterpoint to both, fingers dancing along the fretboard and delivering heady riffs, solos and layers of reverb and noise, all with a Mona Lisa smile. New four-song Omegas EP — recorded at BOTB 2012-winning Short Circuit Studio — will see a vinyl-only release this

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