Best Of 2012

Best Show No One Went To: Dead Kenny G’s at Crowbar

On this particular Saturday night in January, an overabundance of shows were happening all over town, which may have accounted for the small crowd that showed up at Crowbar to check out Dead Kenny G's. The three-piece jammed punk-heavy on their avant cocktail of mostly instrumental tunes; Mike Dillon showed off his ridiculous prowess on drums, vibes and percs, Brad Houser traded fatty basslines and growling baritone sax, and ostensible leader Skerik delivered playfully warped sax, plunked some funky keys or raged through distorted guitar riffs, at all times a lively mischievous presence who offered a running commentary as his eyes bugged out and eyebrows jiggled up and down in self-parody. A fine showing of humor, smarts and musicianship that was witnessed by too few people.