Best Of 2012

Most Promising Playwright: Natalie Symons

Symons (center) with Roxanne Fay and Jeni Bond in New American Theatre's production of Lark Eden.

Several talented local playwrights offered their work during this season, but the play that went beyond a mere facility with dialogue and character was Symons’ Lark Eden, produced at New American Theatre a year ago and then reprised at freeFall in March. It followed three friends from childhood to old age and showed a canny understanding of the changes time, circumstances and accident can bring. Thelma was religious, Emily the poet, Mary the prankster; but all were subject to life’s surprises and difficulties. This was intelligent — no, wise — playwriting. (Jim Sorensen and Natalie Symons married earlier this year; for more on the couple, click on the Power of Twos interview below.)

Watch: Recently married Natalie Symons and Jim Sorensen — Most Promising Playwright and Best Actor — talk w. CL's David Warner during the Best of the Bay awards reception Sept. 19 at Creative Loafing, and Natalie almost spills the beans about a part she just might be writing for her husband.