Best Of 2012

Best restaurant tag team: Greg and Michelle Baker, The Refinery

Best restaurant tag team

Married 11 years, together for 13, Greg and Michelle Baker of The Refinery have a true partnership. James Beard-nominated chef Greg explains why it works: “I’m the shy type. Michelle can just turn on that persona and is this force of nature, and she really has a head for business.” The gorgeously zaftig Michelle puts it this way: “Greg is an amazing chef and I’m his hardest critic. He’s the hardest-working person I know and never complains.” And how do they maintain the marriage part of the equation? “In an industry littered with divorces,” says Michelle, “we set a rule that if we ever felt like the business was hurting the marriage, we’d walk away.” Fans from near and far (c.f. Frank Bruni) hope they never do.

Watch: Greg Baker shares the secret dish he makes for his wife Michelle that he never makes for anyone else. The winners of several Best of the Bay awards this year, including Best Restaurant Tag Team, Greg & Michelle spoke with CL's David Warner during the Best of the Bay awards reception Sept. 19 at Creative Loafing.