Best Of 2012

Best server with a Scottish lilt: Pauline Kilgour

Best server with a Scottish lilt

With her charmingly rolled r’s and easy warmth, Pauline Kilgour makes brunch at the Museum of Fine Arts’ MFA Cafe in downtown St. Pete that much more delicious. So what a nice surprise to discover that this same engaging Glaswegian is also on the waitstaff at the Horse & Jockey, a UK-centric eatery in South Pasadena where her Scottish accent is the perfect accompaniment to a snack of Scotch eggs or a tipple of Hendrick’s Gin. MFA Cafe, 255 Beach Drive NE, St. Petersburg, 727-822-1032,; Horse & Jockey British Pub, 1155 Pasadena Ave. S., South Pasadena, 727-345-4995,