Best Of 2012

Best Way to get Tied Up: Ties by Spathose

Model Will Grant in an Art to Wear tie by Spathose. Styling by Leslie Joy Ickowitz.

There simply are not enough ways for men to express themselves fashionably. Eyewear is jewelry for the face, so that works. A chain, ring or bracelet can be cool, too. But if you truly want to walk into the room and make a scene, get tied up in a Spathose tie. Fashioned from palm tree spathe in beautiful shapes with brilliant colors and patterns, these wearable sculptures elevate men’s style to another level. (The Spathose team, George Medeiros and Scott Durfee, have been a couple for 23 years, but just began working with spathes three years ago. Read more about their relationship — it’s like “when a tornado meets a volcano,” says Durfee — at