Best Of 2012

Best Place To Indulge A Cathartic Murder Fantasy: S.R. 60, between Parsons & I-75, Brandon

There are a lot of places in the Bay area where traffic stacks up, from the Howard Frankland and Malfunction Junction to the Channelside District. But there's just something about the dreary suburban bedroom-community sprawl of that stretch where 60 becomes Brandon Boulevard that inspires thoughts of wanton violence. You don't really want to stab the old lady behind the wheel of the '76 Impala with the blinker that's been strobing for the past mile and a half — but you're really, really enjoying thinking about it. You know what it probably is? More than the gridlock and the terrible driving and the mis-timed lights, it's the knowledge that you're wasting valuable time that could better be used putting distance between yourself and those soul-sapping surroundings.