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The Power of Twos: An interview with Ayele & Kofi Hunt: Best Sibling Activists, 2012

"We just grew up in a household where it was okay to talk about politics" —Ayele Hunt, w. her brother Kofi.

Watch: Best Sibling Activists Kofi & Ayele Hunt confirm that when they were growing up, family fun consisted of gathering around the TV to watch the State of the Union address. They talked with CL's David Warner during the Best of the Bay awards reception Sept. 19 at Creative Loafing.

Ayele, 31, is executive director of I Am Choice, fighting Florida's anti-abortion Amendment 6.

Kofi, 29, is a professional organizer and activist at Florida Consumer Action Network and Awake Pinellas.

Big sister and little brother are a dynamic duo of local activism.

At big sister's official launch for the I Am Choice campaign, little brother was there helping every step of the way. Ayele recalled the first protest Kofi planned against the Afghan war: five people came. Both smile at the memory.

How they work together:

"Kofi and I are a sounding board for each other," says Ayele. "I know I can rely on you. He's more of an activist and I am more of an organizer.


"Organize locally and act nationally," both say in unison. "We are educating and doing outreach with over 35 organizations to do a down-the-ballot initiative," Ayele says. "We want this to be a holistic movement from the local government on up. We need to act locally because local and state elections have the biggest direct impact on our community."


"Our mother, Elizabeth, raised us as a single mom and still found time to help other people," says Ayele.

"My mom raised us to serve the community," adds Kofi.

"She was always helping immigrants, teaching them to drive and how to do their taxes," Ayele goes on. "We watched the State of the Union addresses and saw Berlin wall come down. We just grew up in a household where it was okay to talk about politics."