Best Of 2013

Best album: Permanent Make-Up, The Void … It Creeps

Best album

Permanent Make-Up seemed like a surprising addition to the New Granada Records family until we heard The Void … It Creeps, a potent 12-song avant garage/post-punk debut. Its churning dissonance is built on reverb and distortion from heavy fuzzed-out guitar riffs and chunky grooveless basslines. Susan Dickson-Nadeau’s steadily trouncing rhythms provide the foundation for aggressive commentary and metaphor-filled tirades, whether delivered in straightforward conversational-style or supportive yells from guitarist James Bess, or as braying shouts by force-of-nature frontman Chris Nadeau. The album’s gotten some DIY blog cred, too, with high-rated reviews on Obscure Sound and Collapse Board.