Best Of 2013

Best competitive facial hair: Freaks and Beards at the Bends

Best competitive facial hair

Facial hair on men has always had a sort of love it-or-hate-it quality. (Porn? Bad. Lumberjack? Good.) In the vein of IFC's Whisker Wars, Casey Paquet and Ben Harris’ Freaks and Beards — part competition, part sideshow — stirred up a wild, facial-follicle fracas at The Bends in St. Pete. With categories ranging from “Full Beard” to “Free Style” and even “Bearded Lady” (exactly as it sounds), Freaks and Beards was a can't-miss for the beard enthusiast. There was even a mustache category — sponsored by the Dalì Museum, as one would imagine it should be. The Bends, 919 First Ave. N, St. Petersburg.