Best Of 2013

Best farewell: of Montreal at the old Czar

of Montreal's Kevin Barnes

A low-frills set by of Montreal on July 6 — the last concert at the old Czar building before its move to The Ritz — turned out to be a spectacularly fun time. The eye-popping animated visuals were still ever-present, projected onto artistically posed members of the band’s performance troupe, but everything was scaled back to a more manageable size and less frenetic pace. Meanwhile, Kevin Barnes delivered a performance free of his usual over-the-top flamboyance and dressed more modestly than usual (white slacks, red chiffon blouse quickly removed in favor of bare sinewy chest and cut abs). It was the most relaxed and natural we’ve ever seen him — he even chatted a bit between songs — but he was far from subdued as he crooned, belted, danced, pranced and took a spectacular fall off a Trojan Horse assemblage, only to jump back up and continue with his usual finesse as if his tumble were all part of the show. One of our favorite of Montreal showings by far, and a most fitting way to bid adieu to the former Czar.