Best Of 2013

Best improv duo: Hawk and Wayne

Best improv duo

No doubt, the improv scene is growing in Tampa Bay, but great improvisation takes time and skill to perfect. So while we’d like to give an honorary mention to Dear Aunt Gertrude and PDC for their efforts, we must first honor the local masters, Gavin Hawk and Ricky Wayne, who’ve brought us 321, News of the Weird and this season, It’s a Living!, all at American Stage. Wayne is an improv instructor and leads workshops — so, he’s an improv guru of sorts. When he and Wayne perform, they invent, surprise and sometimes offend with their boundary-busting. Accents, impersonations, snarky OMG-LMAO slang like the kids use today — Hawk and Wayne have got it all. Even on an off night, their spaztastic genius makes their themed shows worth a visit. The next It’s a Living show takes place Oct. 6, 6 p.m. at American Stage in St. Pete.