Best Of 2013

Best public art upgrade: Urban Art Attack

Ari and Christian Little painted the mural on the Ella's annex as part of Urban Attack.

Melissa Deming, co-owner of Ella’s, and Elke and Anthony Catania, owners of Reservations Gourmet To Go, joined nearby business owners and community members to create the Seminole Heights Urban Art Partners, a group that promotes public art throughout the district by sponsoring murals and other works. Its Urban Art Attack campaign is responsible for the striking wall by Matt Callahan on the exterior of Red Star Rock Bar on Florida Avenue and the ingenious mural of Elvis Presley as the Hindu god Shiva (known as "the Destroyer" or "the Transformer"), painted by Ari and Christian Little, on the Ella’s annex across Nebraska Avenue from the popular restaurant. So far the art has been exceptional, further putting Seminole Heights on the map as a cultural arts destination. Urban Art Attack is still open to artists, and donors are needed.