Best Of 2013

Best parking cluster-buck: Starbucks, I-275 and Hillsborough Avenue

Best parking cluster-buck

It’s been called the busiest Starbucks in Florida. The front lot has a row of spaces that butt up against a drive-through line, which if long enough, provides cars no room to back up, resulting in a nasty stand-off between over-caffeinated patrons exiting the premises and withdrawal-ridden addicts entering it. CL A&E Editor Julie Garisto recently sought feedback on her Facebook page about the situation. Of the post’s 76 comments, two people called it a “death trap,” and local actor Ned Averill-Snell wrote in all caps, “IT IS ABSOLUTE COMPLETE FREAKIN' HELL.” Local musician Kim Stein Lepley said, “It is freakin' stressful!” Our favorite solution was from USF professor Jennifer Beet Bosson, who chimed in with “It’s a total clusterf*ck! I think they should build a 10-story parking garage above … or helicopter people down from a remote location. It makes me laugh! I kind of dig the chaos (from a safe distance, of course).”