Best Of 2014

Best local knob turner, beats maker, and barista: Spies on Bikes (Nathan Scott Cochran)

Best local knob turner, beats maker, and barista

Buddy Brew barista by day, electronic musician by night, Nathan Cochran (a.k.a, Spies on Bikes) has become the staple local opener for the biggies in the indie electronic music scene. With influences that range from Daedalus to Aphex Twin to the poppier sounds of Washed Out, Cochran delivers a dynamic yet organic sound that encapsulates a nostalgic and hazy feel while still maintaining an aggressive tone. His ability to deliver both chillwave and IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) tunes captures the attention of a varied audience. The artist was recently signed to Relief in Abstract, an independent music and arts label based in Orlando that has represented the very best in the Florida electronic music scene, xxyyxx and Fortune Howl included.