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Best Reason To Be In Ybor on a Monday: The Church Of Nintendo at The Bricks

Best Reason To Be In Ybor on a Monday

Previous BOTB issues deemed it the “Best Reason To Go Back To Church,” but now that the First United Church Of Nintendo is mobile (thanks to friends who lend vans), it deserves another mention. You see, only the filthiest of sinners would find themselves in Ybor on a Monday night, but there is a chance to repent, and it happens when crates upon crates of Nintendo games get dumped at The Bricks of Ybor, where TVs, along with NES, Super NES, N64, and Gamecube consoles, get set up like they’re some kind of glowing confessional booths. You’ll have to fight off the temptations of The Bricks’ succulent bar menu, but no one said keeping the faith would be easy. The Bricks, 1327 E. Seventh Ave., Tampa,