Best Of 2014

Best Theater Company: Stageworks Theatre

Best Theater Company

No other theater in the Bay area offered more winning productions last season than did Tampa’s Stageworks. To start things off, there was the wonderful Raisin in the Sun, a stirring version of a great American classic. Next came Venus in Fur, David Ives’ mind-warping meditation on sex, gender, power, S&M, and theater itself, followed by the hilarious, beautifully designed The Divine Sister, and then by the surrealist Ten Percent of Marta Solano, a rare departure (for local stages) from fourth-wall realism. The suspense in A Few Good Men was delicious, and The Sugar Bean Sisters (above) brought us a funhouse ride of Florida Cracker slapstick mixed with moral quandaries and supernatural hijinks. So many peaks and so few valleys: it was a very good year.