Best Of 2014

Best Late-Night Downtown Alternative: The Stinky Bunz at Anise

Best Late-Night Downtown Alternative

Taco Bus is still good, but let’s face it: The late-night mainstay is losing its luster. Famished downtown Tampa night owls need not panic, however, because Anise Global Gastrobar has an answer. The now year-old Asian fusion eatery was born of the Stinky Bunz food truck, and while the menu now includes truffled tots, oysters, and lobster mac & cheese, it still boasts those piping-hot folded morsels of steamy white bun stuffed with your choice of beer-battered shrimp, braised pork belly, red curried crispy chicken, or Chinese BBQ pork. There’s even a fried zucchini option for you vegetarians out there. The earliest Anise ever closes is 1 a.m., so you can stumble in, warm your drunken little belly, and rest assured that you won’t have the taco runs in the morning.