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Best Place Not to Bring Your Dog: The Emerald Bar on a Saturday night

Best Place Not to Bring Your Dog

It’s loud. It’s poorly lit. You can barely wiggle yourself into the bartender’s line of vision at the packed dive bar’s counter, so how do you think your four-legged compatriot is making out? Even if the look on your pooch’s face didn’t give away the fact that she’s painfullly bored lying on the ground below you, we’re still givin’ you the stare-down. Three people have nearly tripped over her walking in. She’s barking like no other. Pups are, like, signs of a true neighborhood institution, we get it — nothing like those corporate, human-centric watering holes. But we promise there are countless recurring Yappy Hour events (with water bowls, treats and other hound amenities) around town better suited for furry BFF bonding.