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Best Sandwich Named After Your Favorite Professor: The Dardenne from The Tavern at Bayboro

Best Sandwich Named After Your Favorite Professor

The fresh grouper The Tavern uses on its sandwiches is somethin’ special; Tav owner Tom Herzhauser says the on-campus pub takes the fish off the bone daily. One of those grouper sammies, the Dardenne, is particularly exceptional. It’s not just because of the taste — though with a grilled fillet, red onions, mushrooms and Swiss cheese nestled between a rosemary bun, the taste is pretty terrific — but because the sandwich pays homage to USF St. Petersburg Associate Professor Dr. Robert Dardenne, who passed away on Oct. 17 last year. With his warm smile and striking blue eyes, Dardenne had a feel-good presence that made countless USFSP journo students regard him as one of the best educators they’d ever had the pleasure of learning from and laughing with. Herzhauser, a friend of Dardenne’s, says that the professor frequently ordered the sandwich that was later dedicated to him. After his passing, the restaurateur added his good pal’s “usual” to the menu. He says the tribute was a no-brainer.