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Best Step Toward A Rural Foodie Empire: Local Public House and Provisions

Best Step Toward A Rural Foodie Empire

Pearl in the Grove’s Curtis and Rebecca Beebe opened their latest restaurant, Local Public House and Provisions, at the beginning of July. It’s half hangout and half small market, where patrons may purchase goods, such as wine and local produce, that are used at the Beebes’ eateries. In June, Curtis told CL that he and Rebecca launched Local because he saw the need for a space where Pasco County locals, like them, could relax on days off. Though the food is more casual than Pearl’s, the eatery showcases classic bar fare with a down-home, modern twist. Local’s perpetuation of the farm-to-table philosophy that Pearl espouses — among other things (the ambience, the beverage selection) — make it a worthy addition to the Beebes’ culinary black belt.