Best Of 2014

Best Hometown Swag: BlueLucy and Venture Compound T-shirts

Best Hometown Swag

First came BlueLucy’s “Paris London Tokyo St. Pete” shirts for Keep St. Pete Local, which quickly became the cool kids’ (and discerning tourists’) souvenir garment of choice, churning up t-shirt envy wherever they were worn (which was everywhere.) Then the Venture Compound came out with a somewhat sinister variation on the theme, producing “Jonestown Hindenburg Chernobyl Venture Compound” T-shirts which were made even more distinctive in the way they got shipped out: in old, smelly LP jackets from unknown psychedelic rock bands, ensuring that the goods inside were as weird as the horse they rode in on. 2621 Fairfield Ave. S., St. Petersburg, 901-619-1519,