Best Of 2015

Best Actor: Paul Potenza, Annapurna

Best Actor

Sometimes an actor gives a performance that is so precise, so microscopically detailed, it transcends realism and enters into a realm of art without a name. This was the case in Jobsite Theater’s Annapurna, wherein Paul Potenza played Ulysses, a dying, slovenly poet living in a filthy trailer in Colorado. Baring himself both physically and psychologically, Potenza showed us everything from the emphysema that was killing Ulysses to the man’s dread that he had ended his marriage by committing an unspeakable act — which he couldn’t, for the life of him, remember. If someone we knew acted this way in real life, we’d probably run for an exit. But in the theater, the performance was a nonstop revelation. And you had to worry for Potenza: could he maintain this degree of honesty night after night without damage to his “real” self? Then that too was amazing.