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Best Cruciverbalist, Now and Forever: Merl Reagle

Best Cruciverbalist, Now and Forever

Merl Reagle not only entertained crossword fans with his punny, funny puzzles in Creative Loafing and dozens of papers across the country, he was equally entertaining in person — a guy whose delight in the dizzy possibilities of the English language was both irrepressible and irresistible. At CL, we were lucky enough to know that guy, because he and his wife, Marie Haley, lived right here in Tampa. After he died last month — shockingly soon, from complications of pancreatitis, at the age of 65 — his longtime friend, New York Times puzzlemaster Will Shortz, wrote, “We will never see the likes of him again.” He was right. A public celebration of Merl’s life will be held at the University of Tampa’s Vaughn Center on Sun., Sept. 27, from 5-8 p.m.