Best Of 2015

Best New All-Inclusive Art Space: MF Arts Ybor

Best New All-Inclusive Art Space

Former Bluelucy owner Chad Mize once echoed the sentiment of many in saying that, when it comes to artists, St. Pete is DIY and Tampa is MFA. Well, Ybor City artists are bringing the DIY energy back to the community, nowhere more than the massive new MF Arts Ybor, a warehouse converted into an artspace that has provided a creative haven for a wide range of artists. In May, the venue presented a night of street-smart visuals and edgy entertainment called All You See Is …, showcasing artists Eddie Rivera, Richie Brazil, Oscar Valdez, Alex Claws and Esben el Rey, who painted murals before the event and entertained crowds with their live painting. Good to see art blooming in Tampa, too.