Best Of 2015

Best One-Woman Punk Musical Army: Jasmine Deja/Soapbox Soliloquy

Best One-Woman Punk Musical Army

The fierce 21-year-old singer/drummer/guitarist emerged on St. Pete’s live scene over the past year, beat-keeping in indie rock power trio Selectric with Sonic Graffiti’s Drew Anthony, pushing noisy ooze in newer experimental project Veiny Hands, and self-producing and releasing an eight-song album, Everybody Knows Nobody, as her solo alter ego, Soapbox Soliloquy. Her shoegazing siren’s songs range from playful ditties to guttural beach noise, and her lyrics are both provocative and insightful: “Just because you think someone is cute, doesn’t mean you have to fuck them.” Amen, Ms. Deja, amen.