Best Of 2015

Best P.A. Upgrade: New World Brewery

Best P.A. Upgrade

Last summer, this perennial Ybor live-music haven replaced its old sound gear (familiar to many daytime visitors as “that shit taking up that whole corner over there”) with a new system. The crew and regular promoters also began bringing in some new fader-twiddlers to put the stuff through its paces. Regulars have now had a year to consider, and, with all due respect to the previous setup, everyone agrees it’s been a vast improvement. Quiet acts are clearer, and louder bands no longer either drown out the vocals or simply blast everybody out of the area in front of the stage with annoying regularity. Additional credit needs to go to local drummer Joe Going, who’s become the bar’s semi-regular soundman since the upgrade as well. 1313 E. 8th Ave., Ybor City. 813-248-4969,