Best Of 2015

Best Theatrical Risk-taker: Jared O'Roark

Best Theatrical Risk-taker

He could just rest on his laurels from having created one of the most effective youth-empowerment-through-theater projects ever seen: Project: Shattered Silence, which provided local adolescents with a dramatic outlet for their personal histories and yielded an award-winning PBS documentary. But he’s now moving on to another theatrical frontier. With partners Erica Sutherlin and Robert Morris, he’s opening the Space at 2106, a multi-use arts center on Old West Tampa’s Main Street, with theater, dance, jazz, cabaret, visual art and more on tap opening Oct. 24. If anyone can make a go of such a potentially risky venture, it’s O’Roark, whose passion, smarts and sense of humor have already helped him forge new chapters in many young people’s lives.