Best Of 2015

Best Art Gallery (Non-Museum)

Runners-Up: Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery, Brentwood Photography

Best Art Party

Runners-Up: Vintage Post Paint and Sip, Hellspeak

Best Book by a Local Author

Runners Up: "A Greasy Wind," by Josie Gallows; "Beautiful Lies," by Lisa Unger

Best Burlesque Act

Runners-Up: Vita DeVoid, Hellcats

Best Club DJ

Runners-Up: Doc D, Chris Craze

Best Comedy Venue

Runners-Up: Side Splitters, Coconuts Comedy Club

Best Concert in the Last 12 Months

Best Country Bar

Runners-Up: The Round Up, The Waterin Trough

Best Dance Club

Runners-Up: The Castle, CZAR Nation

Best Drag Performer
Wikimedia Commons

Runners-Up: Matthew McGee, Kori Stevens