Best Of 2015

Best Fried Oysters: Sea Salt

Best Fried Oysters

Fabrizio Aielli’s must-visit seafood palace at the Sundial serves up products from the sea with high style and perfect execution, from branzino to sea urchin to the restaurant’s namesake salts. And oh, the oysters: There’s a whole separate raw bar menu devoted to them, their provenance ranging from Alaska to Cape Cod. But our favorites come fried. In Aielli’s inspired version — billed as ‘Crispy Oyster’ on the Starters menu and accompanied by a tequila-corn-jalapeno remoulade — the marvelous mollusks are as crispy as promised while retaining all the fresh briny tenderness an oyster-lover craves. The jalapeno adds a bit of extra bite, and the corn tastes fresh off the cob. It’s summer on a plate.