Best Of 2015


"Khaleesi" Goetz, Critter and her other two dragons.

Facebook is an “Awwww” machine, its endless stream of cute kitties and kiddies inevitably generating warm fuzzies and awesome pageviews. It takes something special, though, to defy the Tolstoy truism that all happy families are alike and make your own daily diary so distinctively entertaining that even kidless curmudgeons will look forward to the next installment. That’s what Crawford Long, Kari Goetz and their son Porter, aka Critter, managed to do in the first year of his life, from June, 2014, to June, 2015, not just with Awww-worthy photos (though there were plenty of those) but hilarious deadpan commentary (sometimes assuming Critter’s voice) that captured both the stresses and the joys of first-year parenting. It helped, of course, that “Dad-man” is a kickass writer, photographer and lawyer, mom is the equally amazing actor (Stageworks’ Sylvia) and TIA marketing director, and Critter, is well, Critter. And while it’s sad to report that the chronicles of his life have ceased to be published on a daily basis, we expect we’ll continue to be entertained by whatever posts his future no-doubt-delightful life will yield.