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Best "Screw You" You to Nature and The Will of The People: FLORIDA BLACK BEAR HUNT

Best "Screw You" You to Nature and The Will of The People

Few things are more depressing than watching dozens of people pleading with an ambivalent group of officials bent on causing untold suffering. But here we are, weeks out from a weeklong free-for-all black bear hunt in Florida’s most remote areas because some bears wandered into exurban subdivisions looking for food. They say the hunt will be limited to 320 bears (wonder if they’ll enforce that), or some 10 percent of the estimated population (though they won’t have an accurate estimate until a year from now). But, hey, we’re sure everyone who hunts those bears is doing so out of concern for sustainability and will use every part of the animal they kill, at least every part they can use as décor for their dens.