Best Of 2016

Best guy at making things sound better: RICKY SEELBACH

Best guy at making things sound better

A consummate artist constantly reinventing himself, Ricky Seelbach also does something else really well, and that’s make other people sound good. At a July show by garage-pop outfit L.A. Witch, I was amazed at how crisp things sounded in The Bends’ back room, an almost shotgun-style enclosure with high ceilings and a PA that should be in a room twice the size. Seelbach, 34, was behind the crowd, making sure all timbres of guitar riffs by openers Veiny Hands and Deadborns were delivered in a fashion that tastefully shredded. Not a lot of humanity can fit back there, but if you get in you can bet you’ll be able to hear everything almost perfectly. —Ray Roa