Best Of 2016

Best hunger-inducing mural: TRISTAN EATON’S EPIC SCENE at BERN’S

Best hunger-inducing mural

Ah, there’s nothing like leaping Florida panthers to get you in the predatory mood — or at least in the mood for a big steak dinner. In a partnership between Bern’s and CASS Contemporary Art Gallery, LA-based muralist Eaton, who has an impressive history of painting murals around the world, created a mural on Bern’s wine warehouse (across the street from their Epicurean Hotel) that mixes collaged imagery and overall bad-assery, including depictions of Bacchus, the Roman God of agriculture and wine, and Artemis, the Greek Goddess of the hunt — both great symbols to celebrate the annual Bern’s Winefest as well as the restaurant’s 60th anniversary this year. —Caitlin Albritton