Best Of 2016

Best new artist-in-residence program: TEMPUS PROJECTS

Best new artist-in-residence program

A-I-R’s are a pretty big deal for artists. They combine all the best parts about going on vacation with having the studio space to dive into new bodies of work. The Tempus Projects A-I-R apartment and studio is located right above the Seminole Heights gallery, making it convenient for artists to set up their exhibitions. The gallery kicked off its new program with USF alum and now-national art star Kalup Linzy, who worked on more of his soap operas and music videos. Their second resident artist, Mike Stasny, began his month-long stay on Aug. 18; he spent his time transforming the gallery into a “natural history museum” made of locally found objects which went on view in mid-September. —Caitlin Albritton